Our Story


Secret Shop is founded by a few like-minded individuals who found out the hard way that it is really hard to find organic products online without paying big bucks in Malaysia.

We believe that the opportunity to be healthier should be afforded to everyone, so Secret Shop was founded with one purpose in mind; to provide affordable, locally sourced, fresh and organic products for everyone.

If you’re looking for organic cold-pressed juices, organic vegetables, fresh seafood and more, you’re in the right place.

Welcome to Secret Shop.

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The Benefit Of Buying With Us


Save Time

Save Time

Why go out in these uncertain times just to buy groceries? Here at Secret Shop, everything you want from organic food products to fresh locally sourced seafood is available at one click!



Let’s face it. There is not much that can beat the feeling of biting into a crisp fresh vegetable, or a juicy fresh shrimp. Which is why Secret Shop aims to provide you with nothing but the freshest of ingredients!

Our ingredients are sourced fresh locally so that we can support our local farmers, and ensure great taste!

Fast Delivery

Fast Delivery

What use is fresh organic vegetables, fresh locally sourced seafood if it takes 2-3 business weeks to reach you right? Which is why we strive to deliver to our customers as fast as possible!

For fast delivery and quality products, Secret Shop is the place!